Winter Warm-Up Slam 2021 Final burns up Jive

Luke Mann - winner
Tracey O'Callaghan - 2nd place
Paul Kohn -3rd place
Matthew Pankhurst
Tegan Sabine
Grace Atta
Pam Makin
Kerryn Tredrea
Carissa Fischer
Cassandra Quin
Sarah Jane Justice - MC and Guest Poet
Kami - Sacrificial Poet
The Jive audience warms up
Thank you, Jive
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Well, that’s it for the Winter Warm-Up Slam for 2021! A top quality final at Jive saw Luke Mann come out in 1st place followed by Tracey O’Callaghan in 2nd and Paul Kohn in 3rd. Congratulations to the winners and all the poets who took part. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event as participants or audience (or judges!). Special thanks to our sponsors The Devotea, NextFaze, Wakefield Press and Jive.

Details of the SA State Heats for the 2021 Australian Poetry Slam will be announced soon. Stay tuned…

The Finalists

Winter Warm-Up Heat 2 beats the virus

Pam Makin - 3rd
Cecilia Ronson
Paul Kohn - 2nd
Kerryn Tredrea - 5th
Lexis Vhi
Matthew Pankhurst - 4th
Tegan Sabine - 6th
Sally Newman - 1st
Kami keeps score
Support the sponsors - NextFaze and Devotea
Sarah - MC and Sacrifice
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On the eve of new COVID-19 restrictions, Heat 2 of the Winter Warm-Up slam featured a strong set of highly personal performances from all the poets in front of an enthusiastic audience. Congratulations to winner Sally Newman, 2nd place Paul Kohn, 3rd Pam Makin, 4th Matthew Pankhurst and 5th Kerryn Tredrea. Sally cannot attend the final, so the last place in the final goes to Tegan Sabine after a closely-scored slam-off with Lexis Vhi.

We’re looking forward to seeing the 5 place-getters compete with the 5 place-getters from Heat 1 at the final, which will be at Jive on 8th July.

Click here for info and links for the Final.

Stay tuned for any updates on the COVID-19 situation and any impact that will have on arrangements for the final.

Winter Warm-Up Slam Heat 1 packs The Joinery

Sarah running the show
Shaine Melrose
Lexis Vhi
Keren Sutcliff
Conor Brown - 4th place
Cassandra Quin - equal 3rd place
Madeleine Donna
Luke Mann - equal 3rd place
Bruce Greenhalgh
Aaron Woolford
Pam Makin
Grace Atta - 5th place
Carissa Fischer - 2nd place
Tracey O'Callaghan - 1st place
Emelia Haskey
Heat 1 audience
Daniel does the door
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What a great night! The first heat of the 2021 Winter Warm-Up Slam saw sixteen poets competing to a packed audience. The atmosphere was electric, the tea was hot, and the MC’s jokes were lukewarm but still well-received. The poetry was at an incredibly high standard, and while we enjoyed every single piece, we want to congratulate our finalists!

First place went to Tracey O’Callaghan, second to Carissa Fischer, tied for third were Cassandra Quin and Luke Mann, and Conor Brown took out fourth place. Unfortunately, Conor can’t make it to the final, so we’re thrilled to have our fifth-place winner Grace Atta taking the stage instead.

We’re all looking forward to seeing them compete at the final, which will be at Jive on 8th July.

In the meantime, there’s still one more heat! Get to the Joinery at 7pm next Monday 28th June – that’s the same time and place as heat one. For poets, this is your last chance to stake out your spot in the final. For audience, this is an opportunity to enjoy some more amazing performances!

Click here for info and links for Heat 2.

Click here for info and links for the Final.

Ashlyn Vice – City Library Poet in Residence

Join us at City Library for a series of workshops run by Poet in Residence Ashlyn Vice. During these workshops Ashlyn will help you hone your voice and tell your story through poetry. These workshops will give you the techniques, time and space to employ creative mediums to express yourself. No experience is required and all are welcome to join. You can attend individual workshops, or come along for the entire series.

All sessions at the City Library
Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall 
Adelaide SA 5000

Keep an eye out for session bookings – details out soon.

Saturday 24 July, 2021
2:00 – 3:30pm

Are you a closet poet? Looking for tools to boost your confidence as a writer and overcome writer’s block? Regardless of your level of experience, this workshop will introduce (or re-introduce) you to the fundamentals of expressive, descriptive and imaginative writing through textural, tonal, and other poetry techniques. A few fun, experimental activities will also be thrown in to stimulate the mind, help you develop your writer’s identity and harness your creative vision!

Saturday 31 July, 2021
2:00 – 3:30pm

How do you turn an idea into a refined masterpiece? This week we will focus on workshopping the ‘poetry process’ from that ‘light-bulb moment’ to perfecting the rhythm and structure. Participants will be equipped with unique brain-storming, mind-mapping, and revisory skills to give language to their craziest of ideas and leave behind perfectionism once and for all.

Saturday 7 August 2021
2:00 – 3:30pm

Come along and explore the fun art of visual poetry! Get creative – and even a little messy – with realia, visual art, black-out poetry, nature poetry and more to contribute to a themed poetry display. Fall in love with using different mediums to take the impact of your words to the next level.

Saturday 14 August 2021
2:00 – 3:30pm

Join us at the City Library to develop your skills in poetic oration. Whether you loathe public speaking, or you’re a seasoned speaker, this workshop will equip you with tips and tricks to captivate an audience’s attention through spoken word poetry. Participants will develop a short piece and hone in on their favourite poetry techniques.

Friday 20 August 2021
6:00 – 7:00pm

And finally… the candle on the cake. Come and share YOUR poem to a live audience, or simply come along to watch! Participants can choose to develop their piece beforehand from scratch or from specially designed poetry prompts.

SPECIAL: IMPROMPTU INTERMISSION. The bravest of our participants will have the opportunity to partake in an impromptu poetry slam, with limited time to brainstorm stanzas from both hilarious and heartfelt sentence-starters.

Winter Warm-Up Slam – Final

Thursday, 8 July 2021
Doors open 7:00pm for 7:30pm start

Jive Nightclub
181 Hindley Street, Adelaide

$10 entry. Click here for tickets at trybooking.

The FINAL of the Winter Warm-Up Slam will be taking place at Jive on Hindley St. Cement your position as a finalist by attending the heats, or come along to be bowled over by what Adelaide’s best slammers can do. Doors will open at 7.00PM, with a $10 fee to watch.

Our feature act for this event will be Spoken Word SA’s newest team member, Sarah Jane Justice. Since making her slam poetry debut, Sarah Jane Justice has won the SA state final of the Australian Poetry Slam, the Goolwa Poetry Cup, and the Northern Fringes Slam. In addition to her spoken word titles, her written poetry and short fiction have been featured in publications around the world. Her artistic achievements also include creating three studio releases of original music, writing and performing a science-fiction cabaret show, and curating the mixed media exhibition ‘Cracks in our Shadows’.

Poetry book prizes for the heats and runner-up at the final are kindly donated by Adelaide based publisher Wakefield Press.

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Winter Warm-Up Slam – Heat 2

Monday, 28 June 2021
Doors open 7:00pm for 7:30pm start

The Joinery
111 Franklin Street, Adelaide

$6 to compete or look on. Click here for tickets at trybooking.

Get ready to sharpen your slam tools! The fallout from 2020 meant that 2021 started on a slow note for slam in SA. With the Australian Poetry Slam looming on the horizon, we wanted to give our poets a chance to get back on the stage! Practice competing with some new poems, brush up on the old ones, and have fun sharing your work with an audience.

To get those poetry muscles warmed up, we’re putting the fire under your toes by doing this with only TWO HEATS and ONE FINAL. Five competitors from each heat will battle it out at Jive for prizes and glory. With only two opportunities to get through to the final, you’re going to want to make sure you get those heat dates in your calendar!

Standard slam rules apply – that means a two minute maximum for poems, no props or costumes, and judges chosen randomly from the audience.

HEAT TWO will be taking place at the Joinery, a great little community venue next to the bus depot on Franklin St. Doors will open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start, with a $6 fee for both audience and competitors. We’re diving straight into the competition for this one – no feature act!

For Heat Two, we are lucky enough to be sponsored by another awesome South Australian business. NextFaze is a boutique software development studio in North Adelaide. Their team of smart developers works closely with founders and clients to deliver a high-quality product, no matter how big or small. With extensive experience in new ventures and the ability to adapt quickly to emerging technologies, NextFaze delivers beautifully functioning solutions tailored to match any idea or business need.Check out their portfolio and available services at

Poetry book prizes for the heats and runner-up at the final are kindly donated by Adelaide-based publisher Wakefield