Poetry Slams

2021 SA Poetry Slam Finalists

Spoken Word SA hosts the South Australian heats and final of the Australian Poetry Slam.

Contestants have 2 minutes to speak, scream, howl, whisper or sing their original poem. There are no props, no costumes, no music: just the poet and the words. Judges are selected at random from the audience. The heat winners compete again in the SA State Final and the two top finalists then go to the Australian Poetry Slam National Showcase and Final in Sydney.

SWSA also hosts a variety of other slam and poetry events, including the annual Summer Slam.

Here are the rules for 2023 SA Poetry Slam. Make sure you know them!

The rules for the Summer Slam are slightly different. They are listed below the main rules.

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Previous SA Winners

2023    Katherine Sortini, with runner-up, Cayley Ferguson
2022    Sarah Almutairi, with runner-up, Tracey O’Callaghan
2021    Tracey O’Callaghan with runner-up, Tyberius Larkin
2020    Jill Wherry with runner-up, Chris Jaksa
2019    Emelia Haskey with runner-up, Caroline Reid
2018    Sarah Jane Justice with runner-up, Caroline Reid.
2017    Andrew Drake with runner-up, Chiara Gabrielli.
2016    Alison Bennett with runner-up, Jason Marsiglia.
2015    Jason Marsiglia with runner-up, Tilde Wiese.
2014    Amy Watson with runner-up, Roisin Murphy-Haines.
2013    Gemma Boyd with runner up, Manal Younus.

Check out some great SA Poetry Slam performances in our Gallery and on our YouTube channel.