The SWSA Poet-in-Residence program has been running since 2014, offering poets a chance to explore their work in the settings of the Adelaide City Council City Library, using their facilities including digital archives, media lab, audio and visual facilities and more. From exploring the history of Polish immigrants in the city to lost-and-found objects and Ekphrasis (look it up, we did!), this residency gives poets a chance to step out of their comfort zone, engage the public and, most importantly, create new work.

The Poet-in-Residence will be given 16 hours during April 2019 to work from a studio space provided within the library, and will additionally create at least one opportunity to present or perform their work.

All ideas and applications are welcome. Poetry might be written, spoken, and/or expressed in another form. To get your brains thinking: facilities in the library can include access to internet, access to media lab (thinking audio recording?), projectors (2 projectors in one space!), pin-up and whiteboard walls (for spontaneous scribblings, or something interactive perhaps?).

Previous Poets-in-Residence include: Ian GibbinsManal Younus, Matt Smith, Mark Niehus, Sarah StrachanBruce Greenhalgh, Rob Walker, Tracey Korsten, Alysha Hermann, Sarah Jean, Petra Szabo, Sarah Jane Justice, Ashlee Karlar, Nico and Jennifer Eadie.

Applications are now open for 2019.

Updated deadline 9:00pm, Monday, 25th March, 2019.

The residency guidelines, selection criteria and application form are available  here as a PDF or downloadable MS Word file.

Email your applications to saspokenword[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Spoken Word SA Poet-in-Residence Program is made possible through a partnership with Adelaide City Council City Library.

Spoken Word SA is responsible for administrating the program and can be contacted with any arising issues or questions. Please note that Spoken Word SA will process and recommend the applications but Adelaide City Council and City Library will make the final choice.

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