Spoken Word SA is available to run workshops on slams, spoken word and other forms of performance poetry.

Part workshop, part slam, participants leave with an understanding of the history, the rules, examples of contemporary practicing poets (local, national, international) and a list of resources. They are also given the opportunity to workshop a piece of poetry, gaining feedback on both writing and delivery. Suitable for aspiring, emerging, developing writers who read their work, particularly but not limited to those who engage in poetry slams.

Workshops are tailored to fit time, age appropriateness and skill levels with Spoken Word SA engaging professional poets, teachers and previous national finalists to conduct the sessions.


What participants say about the workshops:

“It was real and raw poetry which engaged the students. Being able to see students up on stage and read their own poems in front of fellow peers and being involved was exceptional.” Mark Oliphant College teacher.

“The workshop was beneficial as we got to see how others see poetry and to be able to share and receive feedback from passionate poetic authors.” Mark Oliphant College student. 

“I didn’t think I could write a poem but they were enthusiastic and urged us to give it a shot.” St. Ignatius student.

“They made us feel very comfortable and it was fun and interesting to expand our knowledge in slam poetry.” St. Ignatius student.

“It was well thought out and a very informative workshop.” Black Friars student.


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