SA Poetry Slam 2017 winners!

Well that’s it for the 2017 SA Poetry Slam! Congrats to winner Andrew Drake and runner-up Chiara Gabrielli. They are both off to Sydney Opera House to compete in the National Poetry Slam. Congratulations to all the other finalists –  Kachol Banok, Alison Bennett, Melody Chen, Nigel Ford, Mika Friebel, Sarah Pearce, Nina Phillips and Caroline Reid  – as well as big cheers to everyone who competed in the heats, the fantastic audiences who came along and cheered, the sponsors, volunteers and supporters who keep the whole thing going. Kami was MC for the night as well as sacrificial poet, and  Ian Gibbins did the guest poet spot.

Special thanks to  Luxi Photography and Filmography and Noa Gfrerer Photography for the photos and Matilda Bookshop at Stirling for sponsoring their camera work.