Winter Warm-Up Heat 2 beats the virus

Pam Makin – 3rd
Cecilia Ronson
Paul Kohn – 2nd
Kerryn Tredrea – 5th
Lexis Vhi
Matthew Pankhurst – 4th
Tegan Sabine – 6th
Sally Newman – 1st
Kami keeps score
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Sarah – MC and Sacrifice
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On the eve of new COVID-19 restrictions, Heat 2 of the Winter Warm-Up slam featured a strong set of highly personal performances from all the poets in front of an enthusiastic audience. Congratulations to winner Sally Newman, 2nd place Paul Kohn, 3rd Pam Makin, 4th Matthew Pankhurst and 5th Kerryn Tredrea. Sally cannot attend the final, so the last place in the final goes to Tegan Sabine after a closely-scored slam-off with Lexis Vhi.

We’re looking forward to seeing the 5 place-getters compete with the 5 place-getters from Heat 1 at the final, which will be at Jive on 8th July.

Click here for info and links for the Final.

Stay tuned for any updates on the COVID-19 situation and any impact that will have on arrangements for the final.