SA Poetry Slam 2021 hits the heights!

2021 SA Slam finalists
Tracey O’Callaghan – winner
Tracey O’Callaghan – winner
Tyberius Larkin – runner-up
Tyberius Larkin – runner-up
Pam Makin
Alex Vansilalom
Taeghan Buggy
Louise Goodwin
Gemma Thorne
Conor Brown
Josie Dillon
Tracy McNally
Caroline Reid – sacrifice and coach
Jack Vaul – guest performer
MC Sarah Jane Justice
soundcheck – Kami and Tyberius
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Photos: Judy Morris

What a stunning finish to the SA Poetry Slam 2021 with Tracey O’Callaghan in first place with Tyberius Larking hot on her tail as runner up. Both will now go on to represent the state at the Australian Poetry Slam Final on 28th November. Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks to all the competitors, audiences, judges, guest performers, venues and sponsors for supporting one of the highest standard SA Poetry Slams ever.