Summer Slam Heat 5 winners!

After another killer heat at the fabulous Brick City Bar, we can safely say that winner, Jason Smith and runner-up, Kahtia Lontis will be joining the other 8 finalists for the 2017 Summer Slam Final at Jive on Friday night!

Big cheers to all the other competitors who made it such a great night: Steven Lord, John Sabine, Nigel Ford, Kelly Cusack, Buraq from Iraq, Hailey Nicholls, Keenan Drake, Abbey Nicholls, Aaron Furnell, Patrick Moses and Eugene Phoa. And of course, the audience and Brick Bar crew!

Here are a few pics from Heat 5.

Summer Slam Heat 4 winners!

It was hot on the floor, in the air, along the Mall, but nothing got close to the contestants on the night! Some great words, an excellent crowd, the usual Coffee Pot monster vibe, and huge cheers to winner, Ailsinn Rossi and, runner-up, Mike Hopkins. Both are off the Summer Slam Final Friday 10th February at Jive. Click here for details.

Summer Slam Heat 3 winners

Heat 3 of the Summer Slam was a win for everyone there, with the fabulous support of the crew at the Southwark Hotel. 

But top spot was won by Caroline Reid followed by runner-up Joel Callis.

Missed out? Want another go? Or simply a fan of the slam? Get along to Heat 4, at the Coffee Pot, Sunday 29th January, 6:30 pm.

Congrats to Summer Slam Heat 1 winners!!


With an amazing turnout of performers and audience alike, Heat 1 of the 2017 Summer Slam went totally off the chart at Bibliotheca with Charlie Brooks at the helm.

Congrats to winner Sarah Jane Justice and runner-up Kayla Mason who just got in ahead of a bunch of other high-scoring poets. They will be off to the Summer Slam Final at Jive on 10th February.

taeghan buggy 01_ps1
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sarah jane justice 01 winner_ps1
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peter walker 01_ps1
leticia mooney 01_ps1
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kahtia lontis 01_ps1
john sabine 01_ps1
charlie 01_ps1
caroline reid 01_ps1
baraq 02_ps1
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andrew drake 01_ps1
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Heat 2 of the 2017 Summer Slam is on 20th January at the Salisbury Institute. Click here for details .