SA Poetry Slam 2021 – Heat 3 does the Jive talk

Heat 3 winners
Heat 3 winner – Gemma Thorne
Heat 3 runner-up – Josie Dillon
Heat 3 – Andreas Drougas
Heat 3 – Cassandra Quin
Heat 3 – Carissa Fischer
Heat 3 – Celestine Rowe
Heat 3 – Madeleine Donna
Heat 3 – Matthew Pankhurst
Heat 3 – Paul Kohn
Heat 3 – Lexis
Heat 3 – Katelin Lawrie
Heat 3 – Nadia Patterson
Heat 3 sacrifice & MC – Kami
Jive Alive
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Another great heat, so many stunning voices… But alas, only two can make it through to the State Final on 30th September at Goodwood Theatre (hint, hint get your tickets now: see link below). Congratulations to Heat 3 winner Gemma Thorne and runner-up Josie Dillon who claimed their spots in a very tight competition. Two heats to go, so start warming up those vocal cords and sharpening those words!

Click here for tickets to the 2021 SA Slam State Final.