The Constellation Project: special call-out

The Constellation Project is a collaboration between Australian Red Cross, Centre for Social Impact, Mission Australia, and PwC Australia. It delivers practical solutions that are co-designed with first nations people & those who have lived experience of homelessness. The project brings together a cross-sector, national network to accelerate practical ideas to end homelessness.

“We know that vulnerable young people, such as those with a history of traumatic family experiences or involvement in the criminal justice system, are significantly more likely than their peers to experience homelessness… [We]  … aim that no young Australian aged 17-24 will end up homeless after leaving the custody of youth justice and / or out of home care… We do this by exploring gaps in the system as well as prototyping and accelerating potential solutions via a social lab, an innovative approach to solving complex social challenges.”

Their current project “Better Journeys” social lab kicks off on: 
Monday 12 April and Tuesday 13 April 2021
in PwC’s  office
Level 11/70 Franklin Street, Adelaide. 
Approximately 50 attendees ranging from government, private business, academics and non-government agencies are attending.

Many lived experience voices have been integrated into the project and the kick-off event itself. But to hear another lived experience voice through spoken word would be a powerful way to capture yet another voice and support their art form. 

The project is looking for a person who may have experienced some form of out of home care, had contact with the youth justice system or experienced a form of homelessness and comfortable to share their experience/point of view through spoken word for a few minutes.

If you think you meet these criteria and would like to take part in the project, please fill in the Expression of Interest form below. Any information entered there will remain confidential to the organisers.

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