Poetry at the Pot, featuring Naniso Tswai, December 9th, 2016


A special event – poetry night at the Coffee Pot with international guest Naniso Tswai (Berlin) plus SA Poetry Slam 2016 Winner Alison Bennett and 2016 Gawler Poetry Cup winner Nico.

The Coffee Pot

27 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000.

Friday 9th December, 2016,

7:00 – 11:00 pm

$5 Entry, cheap drinks, a great chance to see some amazing talent.

Naniso Tswai is a Berlin-based author and spoken word artist. His work is strongly embedded in broader issues of justice and peace, particularly as these relate to identity. Over the past five years he has shifted his focus from academic writing to fictional writing, this has come in the form of short stories and novels. His spoken word art, which began as a writing experiment, has developed over the years and is now his main artistic outlet. He is the founder and current director of Berlin Spoken Word (BSW).

Alison Bennett studied at Adelaide College of the Arts. Most recently, she was State Winner for SA Poetry Slam, 2016 and Finalist for National Poetry Slam 2016 at The Sydney Opera House. When she is not unscrambling scrawlings on scraps of paper littering her floors, she writes and performs darkly emotive poetry involving her experiences through a lifetime of illness. She also enjoys writing comedic rhymes with lots of swear words. Alison lives in Adelaide with a growing collection of books she never gets time to read and a folder of tattoo ideas that she can’t afford to get done. Don’t trust Alison with your plants or pets… she has been known to kill cacti. She also likes the smell of trains in cold weather. You can find her Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/alisonbennettpoet/

Nico went to a less-than-average primary school, where no poorly-educated teacher likes to be corrected. By grade 5, she was exempt (or rather, excluded) from anything to do with maths (by a teacher who really ought not to have been teaching maths), and sent into another room to write stories. This led to a solid year ingraining, ‘daydreaming is better than counting’. Nico has since never learned long division, multiplication, or really anything to do with maths. She can word-jerk, though. And one time, that word-jerking got her some money and a big shiny cup-trophy that doesn’t open at the top. Good news – the money will be partly spent on a maths course. Nico WILL learn how to count. Bad news – There are trophy-cups that have lids that do not detach. It’s like those fake-pockets of deceit that can’t even open to hold your disappointment in them.

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