Howlin’ at the 2022 Animal Slam!

The Final Five (L to R): Cayley Ferguson (runner-up), Sarah Manning, Tracy McNally (3rd place), Tracey O’Callaghan (winner), Lexis Vhi. Sarah Jane Justice (behind) spruiks the next events.

The inaugural SWSA Animal Slam went off in all the best possible ways! Big audience, great selection of poets and fabulous performances! After two highly competitive rounds, Tracey O’Callaghan came out in first place, closely followed by Cayley Ferguson and Tracy McNally. Congrats also to Sarah Manning and Lexis Vhi who also made it to the second round. Taeghan Buggy totally ripped in the guest spot.

Big thanks to everyone who came along to compete, watch, judge and cheer. Thanks also to sponsors: the State Library of South Australia, Adelaide Zoo and Dymocks Adelaide.

Images: Ian Gibbins