Congrats to Summer Slam Heat 1 winners!!


With an amazing turnout of performers and audience alike, Heat 1 of the 2017 Summer Slam went totally off the chart at Bibliotheca with Charlie Brooks at the helm.

Congrats to winner Sarah Jane Justice and runner-up Kayla Mason who just got in ahead of a bunch of other high-scoring poets. They will be off to the Summer Slam Final at Jive on 10th February.

taeghan buggy 01_ps1
tailor winston_ps1
sarah jane justice 01 winner_ps1
rebecca edwards 01_ps1
peter walker 01_ps1
leticia mooney 01_ps1
kayla mason 01 second_ps1
kahtia lontis 01_ps1
john sabine 01_ps1
charlie 01_ps1
caroline reid 01_ps1
baraq 02_ps1
ashlee spalding 01_ps1
andrew drake 01_ps1
alex vansilalom 01_ps1
alex baratosy 01_ps1

Heat 2 of the 2017 Summer Slam is on 20th January at the Salisbury Institute. Click here for details .