Jennifer Eadie: our next Poet-in-Residence [NB: changed session times below…]

Congratulations to Jennifer Eadie who will be our next Poet-in-Residence at the Adelaide City Library.

Jennifer’s residency is titled: “I do not have a home”. 

“This project then, begins with the question: when an individual does not feel like they belong to anywhere, any culture, where does this leave them? Focusing on the question of belonging – what are the components that allows one to say: ‘I am home’ ?”

Here are her sessions, all at the

Adelaide City Library, Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall:

Saturday, 13th January,  2.00 – 3.30pm

Thursday, 18th January,  3.30 – 5.30pm

Sunday, 28th January, DOUBLE SESSION ! 12.15 – 2.00pm then 2.30 – 4.30pm

Monday, 29th January, 3.00 – 5.00pm

Saturday, 3rd February, 11.30am – 1.30pm


Exhibition Launch + Presentation

Wednesday, 7th February 4.00 – 4.45pm

Stay tuned for more details!


Thank you to all the poets who applied in 2017 and to our 2017 resident poets, Sarah Jane Justice, Ashlee Karlar and Nico for their great work.


Brainstorming with Nico

Adelaide City Library

Francis Street, off Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Saturday, 2nd September

2:00 – 3:00 pm


By running a series of open discussions (‘Brainstorms’) and workshops, our Adelaide City Library August Poet In Residence Nico hoped to encourage the public to trust that anyone can be a poet – all you need is something to say, and a playful way to say it!

Her Brainstorming sessions tackled the following ideas:

  • What is poetry, and who writes it? When do words become poetry? Where do we find inspiration?
  • What makes your message important? What makes some poems ‘more powerful’ than others? Is it the influence of society upon art forms, or the art’s commentary on societal influences that makes it profound?
  • So what about sound, rhyme, and rhythm in writing? Is there percussion in poetry?
  • Where do different art forms overlap? What does “that was pure poetry” mean when used in reference to something other than poetry (art, music, scenery, people)?
  • When does written word, read aloud, become redefined as ‘spoken word’? What’s in the power of performance.

Now it is time for the final presentation and performance. An opportunity to see and share what came out of the brainstorm sessions!

New works, new words, new ideas.

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Nico: Poet-in-Residence at Adelaide City Library

In partnership with Adelaide City Library, Spoken Word SA presents our August Poet In Residence – Nico with her project Brainstorms.

“By running a series of open discussions (‘Brainstorms’), followed by related workshops, I hope to encourage the public to trust that anyone can be a poet — all you need is something to say, and a playful way to say it! This will be a no-pressure, all-welcome series of events exploring some of the ideas and challenges behind writing poetry, with the aim to provoke a more inquisitive and experimental approach to the way we write.”

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Check out the vid below to see Nico in action:


Ashlee Spalding: City Library Poet-in-Residence for May and June

Ashlee Spalding and the Power of Words.

Our Poet-in-Residence at Adelaide City Library during May and June.

Exploring the relationship between words and how they effect us, you will be invited to write down and share some of your stories, record some media, and get involved in a few other activities highlighting the positive and negative consequences of the things we say.

Here is Ashlee’s schedule:

Collaborative Workshop Sessions (note changed times for the 19th June session!)

Keep an eye on our Events List and Facebook pages for details.