Application deadline extended for City Library Poet in Residence

If you haven’t applied yet, you have until 6:00pm Sunday 13th February 2022 to get your proposal in for this fabulous program at the City Library, Rundle Place, Adelaide. The residency will now be in April / May.

The Poet in Residence will be given 16 hours over their allocated month to work from a studio space provided within the library, and will additionally create at least one opportunity to present or perform their work. Chosen participants will be paid for their involvement. 

All ideas and applications are welcome. Poetry might be written, spoken, and/or expressed in another form. To get your brains thinking: facilities in the library can include access to internet, access to media lab (thinking audio recording?), projectors (2 projectors in one space!), pin-up and whiteboard walls (for spontaneous scribblings, or something interactive perhaps?).

Selection criteria and sample application form are available here as a PDF or downloadable MS Word file.

Apply via the form below.