Dead Poets Society

Presented in partnership with Dymocks Rundle Mall Adelaide, the Dead Poets Society event pays tribute to poets who have inspired us. Local poets and authors present an overview of the poet’s work, along with samples of their own work inspired by the Dead Poet. An open mic segment allows members of the audience to get up and share a poem inspired by that month’s ‘Dead Poet’. Occasionally,“live” poets launch their own books and present their own work.

The Dead Poets Society occurs on the second to last Thursday of each month at Dymocks Adelaide, 135 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

Still to come in 2017 and beyond:

  • July 20th: Carol Ann Duffy (featuring Alison Flett)
  • August 24th: D.H. Lawrence (featuring Val Braendler)
  • September: NO EVENT (Australian Poetry Slam)
  • October 19th: John Keats (featuring David Mortimer)
  • November 23rd: Clive James (featuring Bronwyn Lovell)
  • December / January: NO EVENTS (Christmas break trading)
  • February 2018: Charles Bukowski all open mic tribute (no guest poet)


To see more about our previous events, click here.


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Previous events have featured:

Sylvia Plath (Kerryn Tredrea) – June 2013

Local and liveIndigo Eli – July 2013

Charles Bukowski (Kami) – Aug 2013

Pablo Neruda (Juan Garrido-Salgado) – Oct 2013

Allen Ginsberg (David Jobling) – Nov 2013

Dorothy Porter (Jill Jones) – Feb 2014

Henry Rollins (John Scott) – March 2014

Ern Malley (Amelia Walker) – April 2014

T.S. Eliot (Heather Taylor Johnson) – May 2014

Walt Whitman (Avalanche) – June 2014

Local and liveAmrein Roshanak – July 2014

Seamus Heaney (Jennifer Liston) – Sept 2014

Jack Kerouac (Bruce Greenhalgh) – Oct 2014

Maya Angelou (Poet MJ) – Nov 2014

Mary Oliver (Pam Maitland) – Feb 2015

Tahirih (Amrein Roshanak & Delia Olam) – March 2015

Gertrude Stein (Ian Gibbins) – April 2015

ee cummings (rob walker) – May 2015

Judith Wright (Rachael Mead) – June 2015

Wilfred Owen (Elaine Barker) – July 2015

Federico Garcia Lorca (Avalanche) – August 2015

C.P. Cavafy (Tracey Korsten) – October 2015

Local and live Erica Jolly – November 2015

Local and liveManal Younus – February 2016

Banjo Patterson (John Sabine) – March 2016

Rainer Maria Rilke (Karl Cameron-Jackson) – April 2016

Anne Sexton (Marianne North) – May 2016

Janet Frame (Kerryn Tredrea) – June 2016

Sarah Kay (Roisin Maeve) – July 2016